This was another case where I ended up taking a picture of my wife April that we didn't really even plan.  Every time I want to "test" something, she happens to be there and she happens to be a good enough sport about it to allow me to do it.  Although, most of the time, there was no prep, no making sure everything was right, no picking out clothes, etc.  She just happens to be the way she happens to be.  There are a few pictures of her in my portfolio and honestly, most of them started that exact same way.   This particular day, I had a few minutes and decided to just get the camera out and play around a bit.  She was sitting near a window looking out and I thought I would test out a few shots of her.   I was actually testing using a flash to exaggerate the light coming through the window but eventually, I scrapped the flash and just went with what turned out to be really awesome light coming through that window all on it's own.  I couldn't help it, I had to post this.  It's one of my favorite pictures of her yet.