Rock Island Falls

April and I decided to take a trip up to Rock Island State Park yesterday.  Rock Island is just a little over an hour drive from Murfreesboro and has some great waterfalls but for whatever reason, I had never been there before.  So, with 64 degrees in the forecast, I thought it would be a great chance to go check it out.  I set up to take some pictures of Twin Falls (which is a huge waterfall that pours out of  the side of a rock wall and cascades 80 feet down into the Caney Fork River).   While I was setting up the tripod, there was a guy in a Kayak coming down the river.  I had just enough time to change lenses, move to a position closer to the water, and catch a couple of shots when he came by.  We'll definitely be going back this year to get some "fall foliage" pictures of the falls but I was lucky to catch this one while we were there.

Twin Falls, Rock Island State Park, Tennessee