Starting the blogging experience

This is a test to see how a blog post is going to look on this website.  I've never really been one to "blog" about things but I thought I would just start capturing some things here that interest me, some of the photo stuff that I have going on, and maybe post some pictures here that I want to share but not necessarily "portfolio" images.  So, check back here often and I'll try to share a few things and hopefully, you'll find a few of them interesting.  

With that said, here is a picture that I took of the downtown Nashville skyline at night a few months ago.  This is an HDR image made up of 3 long exposures.  The lights of the Nashville Skyline shining on the Cumberland river really make this picture for me.  I'm looking forward to returning at some point and trying a high resolution panoramic view of the city.  I'll share more on that one later.

Thanks for stopping by!